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About BlueBird Heating and Air

Why Choose BlueBird Heating and Air?

BlueBird Heating and Air is a family- and veteran-owned HVAC company that is proudly serving the Colorado Springs region. BlueBird Heating and Air is owned and operated by veteran and HVAC expert, Travis Platt.

Travis has been involved in the construction and HVAC industries for decades. He first took interest in construction and HVAC while he was attending high school. He joined the army immediately after high school, and he faithfully served our country for 13 years. Now, Travis serves our Colorado community in a new way: through premium, affordable HVAC services.

With the help of his family, Travis created BlueBird Heating and Air in Colorado Springs. BlueBird Heating and Air has quickly become one of the top-rated HVAC companies in Colorado Springs, and we are proud to be serving our fellow community members. We care here at BlueBird Heating and Air, and we are honored to offer affordable, high-quality HVAC services across Colorado Springs!