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Gleneagle, CO

The climate in Gleneagle is generally temperate with warm summers and cold winters. The average daily high temperature stays below 48degF most of the year. The coldest month is December, when average highs are around 18degF. The warmest month is July, when average highs are around 80degF.

Gleneagle Colorado homes are close to employment centers, schools, and parks. The neighborhood is ideal for urban sophisticates and families with school-aged children. The neighborhood has a high concentration of married couples and is not overrun by singles. In addition, residents in this neighborhood tend to have similar lifestyles.

The wetter season lasts for 4.3 months, with an average of over 20% of days with precipitation. The most rainy month is August, when there are nine days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation. The drier season lasts for 7.7 months, from September 4 to April 26, with less precipitation on the mountain.

In Gleneagle, CO, a majority of residents commute to work by car. The average person takes 27 minutes to get to work. About 1% of the population takes public transportation. A limited number of people commute on foot or by bike. The median age of Gleneagle residents is 45.2 years old.

The average day in Gleneagle is approximately nine hours, 25 minutes. The shortest day occurs on December 21. The longest day, on June 28, is fourteen hours and 55 minutes long. The length of each day is shown on the day-to-night calendar. Residents of Gleneagle enjoy access to many of Colorado Springs’ celebrated attractions, including the U.S. Air Force Academy, the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum, and the Glen Eyrie Castle.

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The real estate market in Gleneagle consists of large single-family homes ranging from two thousand to four-thousand square feet. Prices range from $300,000 to $900,000. Many homes in Gleneagle are newly constructed. The median sale price in Gleneagle is $415 per square foot.

The campground at Crystal Mountain is a great place for camping. It’s clean and well-run. It offers vault toilets, but be prepared to hike up and down some steep roads. The campground also features an awesome hike to the nearby reservoir. While the campground is small, there are amenities in the area that make it a comfortable place to camp.

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