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How Does Air Conditioning Work? - BlueBird Heating and Air

How Does Air Conditioning Work?

Breaking Down the Basics: How Does Air Conditioning Work?


  • How does air conditioning work? Here’s a brief breakdown:
    1. The refrigerant is circulated and compressed into a gas
    2. The compressed refrigerant gas enters the condenser as a fan blows over the condenser to cool the gas down
    3. The now cooled refrigerant gas passes through the evaporator coils, which absorbs heat from the air around it
    4. The evaporator fan blows cool air back into the room, and the refrigerant returns to the compressor to start the cycle again
    5. The thermostat helps to maintain the desired temperature


How Does Air Conditioning Work? - Bluebird Heating And Air
How Does Air Conditioning Work? – Bluebird Heating And Air

Summer is here, and the scorching heat is turning up the temperature. Thank goodness for air conditioning! But have you ever wondered, how does air conditioning work? Well, wonder no more! Today, we’ll take a peek behind the scenes and uncover the secrets of how air conditioning works. 


1). The Refrigerant is Circulated

Ah, refrigerant, the unsung hero of air conditioning. This fascinating substance is responsible for cooling down the air. It starts its journey as a gas, and as it enters the air conditioning system, it goes through a series of transformations. First, it enters the compressor, which squeezes it tightly, turning it into a high-pressure, high-temperature gas.


2). The Refrigerant is Cooled

Now that the refrigerant is a super-hot gas, it enters the condenser. This part of the air conditioning system is like a radiator, but in reverse. As the hot refrigerant flows through the condenser, it releases heat and starts to cool down. Meanwhile, a fan blows air over the condenser, helping to dissipate the heat and make the refrigerant even cooler.


3). The Cooled Refrigerant Passes Through the Evaporator Coils

The now-cooled refrigerant is ready to work its magic in the evaporator. As it enters this part of the system, it passes through an expansion valve or metering device. This valve causes the refrigerant to expand rapidly, which, in turn, causes its temperature to drop significantly. Now, as the refrigerant flows through the evaporator coils, it absorbs heat from the air around it.


4). The Evaporator Fan Blows Cool Air Back into the Room

Now that the refrigerant has absorbed the heat from the air, it’s time to say goodbye to that hot air! The evaporator fan kicks into action, blowing the cool air back into the room. Simultaneously, the warm refrigerant, which has absorbed the heat, returns to the compressor to start the whole cycle again.


5). The Thermostat Helps to Maintain the Desired Temperature

Every superhero needs a sidekick, and the air conditioner’s sidekick is the thermostat. The thermostat acts as the control center, monitoring the temperature of the room. When the temperature rises above the desired level, the thermostat signals the air conditioner to kick into action. Once the room reaches the desired temperature, the air conditioner takes a well-deserved break.


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There you have it, folks! Now you can answer the question, how does air conditioning work? From the circulation of refrigerant to the cooling of the condenser and the evaporator, each component plays a vital role in keeping us cool and comfortable. Next time you bask in the refreshing breeze of an air conditioner, take a moment to appreciate the marvels happening behind the scenes. Stay cool and beat the heat this summer with your newfound knowledge of how air conditioning works.

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