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Is AC Servicing Required Every Year?

“I own an air conditioner, and I need to know how to maintain it! Is AC servicing required every year?”

Is Ac Servicing Required Every Year? - Bluebird Heating And Air
Is Ac Servicing Required Every Year? – Bluebird Heating And Air

Air conditioners are an important part of keeping a comfortable home or office, especially during those sizzling summer months! But over time, air conditioners can become less efficient, and they can even break down completely. If you don’t take care of your air conditioner, then you may have to deal with an expensive AC replacement in the near future! So, how often should you service your air conditioner? Is AC servicing required every year? Let’s talk about it!

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Is AC servicing required every year? Or is that just a waste of money?  

The frequency of servicing that an air conditioner requires can depend on a variety of factors, including the age of the unit, its usage, and the environment it operates in. Ideally, this should be done before the start of the cooling season to ensure that the unit is in good working order.

So, is AC servicing required every year? In most cases, yes. Air conditioning maintenance is required at least once per year.


Great question! The short answer to this question is that regular AC maintenance will keep your air conditioner health. But if you’re like most people, then your next question is probably: how?

Here’s how: your air conditioner is not designed to last forever. Over time, your filters can get clogged, and your parts can get damaged. The more dirt and damage that builds up in your air conditioner, the harder your unit will have to work. That means more energy expended, higher energy bills, and less crisp air to cool your home! Not only that, but this can lead to serious and sometimes irreparable damages. So without annual maintenance, your air conditioner will use more energy, cool less of your home, and eventually break down completely!


So what can I expect during routine maintenance services?

During your annual maintenance services, an HVAC technician will inspect and clean various components of your air conditioner. This could look a little different every time, but in most cases, a technician will inspect your air filter, evaporator coil, and condenser coil. If needed, they will clean your dirt components or replace them entirely, as dirty or damaged air filters, evaporator coils, and condenser coils can damage the rest of your unit. Damages and clogs force your air conditioner to work harder, which results in more energy wasted and far less efficiency. Over time, this overuse can lead to serious and even irreparable damages in your unit.

What if my air conditioner is acting funny? Is AC servicing required every year for damaged units?

If your air conditioner hasn’t been acting right for a while now, then you may need to consider having it inspected more than just once per year. Your air conditioner could be damaged and crying for help!  

So, how do you know if your unit is truly damaged, then?

If your air conditioner is damaged, you will start noticing a few tell-tale signs. For example, you may start noticing rising energy bills. If you’re suddenly paying more in monthly energy bills and you have no idea why, then your air conditioner could be the culprit! Another sign that your air conditioner isn’t functioning properly is inefficient cooling. If your air conditioner isn’t doing what it’s supposed to be doing, then chances are, it’s on its last legs! Lastly, you may notice strange sounds or smells coming from your air conditioner. If your AC unit smells and sounds strange, then this is a sign of serious damages, and you’ll need to get it looked at right away.  

Damaged air conditioners require more checkups and maintenance. So, if you’re currently repairing your unit or have repaired your unit in the past, then you’ll need to schedule checkups more often to ensure that further repairs aren’t needed.

Speak with an HVAC professional today about your air conditioner!

It’s always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to servicing your air conditioner. Regular maintenance can keep your unit running smoothly and efficiently, which can ultimately save you money on energy costs and prevent the need for more costly repairs down the line. That means you’ll actually save more money by getting your unit checked on a regular basis!

If you’re unsure about how often your air conditioner should be serviced, it’s always a good idea to chat with a professional. An experienced HVAC technician can inspect your unit and set up a routine maintenance schedule that works best for your wants, needs, and budget. Speak with one of our HVAC specialists today about your unit, and we’ll get you on a routine maintenance schedule that works best for you!