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The historic neighborhood of Pikeview is located in Colorado Springs. It was first incorporated into the city as the Pike View Addition on August 1, 1962. The area was formerly a station on the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad. It was also the site of a coal mine. In 1896, miners began digging the shaft for the Pikeview Coal Mine.

Pikeview has a great mix of people from many different backgrounds. The home design and setting is a key aspect of this neighborhood. The mix of groups living in the area gives it a unique personality. In addition to a diverse set of groups, Pikeview also has a high ferry ridership percentage.

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Most residents in Pikeview are educated and wealthy. They own stately homes and are often owner-occupied. This means that real estate appreciation is high, and rents are below the average of U.S. neighborhoods. This is a great place to live if you work in the area and are looking for a home with low maintenance and a great location.

Before being incorporated as a neighborhood, Pikeview was an important railroad station. It was located at the confluence of Monument Creek and the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad. The Denver and Rio Grande Railroad stopped here in 1896, and miners started digging a shaft for the Pikeview Coal Mine. By 1903, there was a schoolhouse and a post office.

Pikeview is home to some amazing places for tourists to explore. Nearby attractions include the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Seven Falls, and Pike Peak. These places are great for the whole family. Pikeview has a number of family cabins, so you don’t have to leave the area to find an ideal vacation home.

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Currently, mining continues on the Pikeview Quarry, but this is moving to the other side of the hill. A plan is in place to cut the hill back to allow the land to support more trees. The goal of this project is to convert the quarry into open space. By fall 2003, 2,000 trees were planted at the Pikeview Quarry. Another 800 were planned for planting in 2004. However, the mining operations are planned to continue at Pikeview until 2013.

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